in the Oscar Wilde Society of America

The Oscar Wilde Society of America is currently in the process of formalizing its incorporation as a not-for-profit, academic society.

Note for Current Members

During this period of formal organization, all current members retain their status as Charter Lifetime members and Charter members.

Please check this page for updates. This is a lengthy, multi-step process, but one that will give the OWSoA a more substantive presence and a lasting one.

Note for Prospective New Members

In this early stage of formal incorporation of the OWSoA as an official non-profit, academic organization, we are not accepting new members.

In the near future we shall once again open membership to all persons living in any country with an interest in any aspect of Wilde’s life, works, and legacy.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to be notified when membership options again become available. Click here to send a message.

The OWSoA was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, on 16 March 2002,  to promote the study, understanding, and dissemination of research about Oscar Wilde and his times with a special emphasis on fostering a wider awareness of Wilde's 1882 American lecture tour and in advancing American Wilde scholarship. (For more information on our Inaugural Celebration and the fundamental principles of our society, please visit this link.)

For more information, or to suggest ways in which the OWSOA could assist your Oscar Wilde-related activities, please contact the Society.



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