Columbus, OH - Comstock Opera House

MAY 3, 1882

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Columbus, OH - Comstock Opera House

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The Columbus Daily Times, May 4, 1882

An audience that was quite complimentary both in size and quality ventured out last evening, despite the unpleasant character of the weather, to listen to the lecture on "Art Decoration," which Mr. Wilde had evolved from his inner consciousness for the edification and delectation of benighted Columbus. Rev. F. W. Gunsaulus presented the lecturer and then incontinently vamosed, thinking with the judge of anecdote, doubtless, that one at a time was enough.

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Ohio State Journal (Columbus), May 3, 1882

The great ęsthete will lecture at Comstock's Opera House Wednesday evening on Art Decoration. The management says of the visit of Mr. Wilde to this country: "The visit of Mr. Oscar Wilde to to this country and his appearance on the lecture platform, has been an event of great interest this season. He came here chiefly to show the beginning, growth and real aim of the so-called ęsthetic movement in England, of which he is by common consent considered to be a leader. He has carried out this purpose by delivering an address entitled The English Renaissance, devoted mainly to an exposition of this new social movement. This address has been listened to by the largest lecture audiences which have been seen since the days of Charles Dickens, and has awakened a wide-spread interest in the poet and his topic, an interest in which is becoming daily stronger. At the suggestion of many friends he has prepared a second lecture, devoted to what may be called the practical application of this theory to every-day home life, being the principles of ęsthetic art as applied generally to the wide range of art ornamentation. It is entitled Art Decoration and has met with universal success wherever delivered.


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