Decatur, IL - Opera House

MARCH 8, 1882

Mikhail Ellmann Page Beckson OWSOA
03 08 Decatur, IL - Opera House
"Art Decoration"

The Decatur Daily Republican Mar 9, 1882 p.3 col. 4:
GUSH AND GREED | Oscar Wilde, the Traveling Aesthete, in Decatur--His Personal Appearance, and the Talk

Mr. Oscar Wilde, the aesthetic bundle of egotism from England who has an unmistakable and vulgar greed for American dollars, filled his appointment to "lecture" [their quotes] at the opera house in this city, last evening.

..on 'Art Decoration' as it has been viewed by him on his travels through Europe.  The talk was beautiful and engaging in its way..

The Saturday Herald (Decatur) Mar 11, 1882 Vol. III Number 22, p.3 col. 4:
Wilde Flowers (article contains this verse)

Oscah, Oscah,
  You little pet
You look so la-de-dah
  In your suit of velvet jet;
It grieves the girl art student
  That she must say ta-ta,
For the darling of the aesthetes
  Is this renowned Oscah !

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