Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Academy of Music, “The English Renaissance”

FEBRUARY 3, 1882

Mikhail Ellmann Page Beckson OWSOA
02 03 Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Academy of Music
“The English Renaissance”
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The New York Times Feb 4, 1882 p.2 col. 7:
Oscar Wilde talked to an audience of 1800 persons in the
Brooklyn Academy of Music last evening on “The English Renaissance,” but he made the extremities of his swallow-tail coat the object of more attention than his words.

The report focuses more on stage decor, the audience's dress and their response  than the content of Wilde's lecture (which was printed in full in other editions).

Wilde discussion after the lecture with a group of gentlemen is recorded.  He stated that he would dine with the poet, Joaquin Miller the following day; and despite desiring to be in California "when the flowers are in bloom", Wilde lamented: "I hate the railroads, I have to be too punctual." [cf. Interview with The Chester Daily Times below.]

On the same page (col. 2) there is a long report from London entitled OSCAR WILDE AT OXFORD that describes Wilde's college years at Magdalen, including his early sonnets, his college honors, and his contradictory leanings to freemasonry and Rome.

The Chester Daily Times [Pennsylvania] Feb 4, 1882 p.2 col. 1:
OSCAR WILDE IN BROOKLYN | How the Stage was Set and What He had to Say of the Cambridge Freshmen

Oscar Wilde lectured in the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night to a large audience.

A fuller review of Wilde's comments on railroads is quoted: "I hate punctuality and I hate time tables. The railroads are all alike to me.  One is simply intolerable; another is simply unbearable."

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