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The purpose of this page is to provide a reliable bibliography of articles published on Wilde's 1882 visits to specific cities, US states or Canadian provinces. While a number of previously published bibliographies are very useful, to better assure accuracy and completeness of entries I am only including citations for articles which I have verified either from my own files or periodical indices.

Articles are listed alphabetically by author's last name below, following this style:

Author. "Title." Journal Title. vol/issue # (date): pages. [primary locale(s).  Month of Wilde's visit]

Ideally, these will be linked under the month of Wilde's visit to a place covered in the IN AMERICA Localized Articles calendar so that clicking on a place name will take you directly to the appropriate article citation. I may or may not have mastered how to do this using bookmarks, but I'll keep trying as I add entries.



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